Intelligent Touch Corporation has been in the forefront of innovation in the
local ATM industry since its organization in 2002. Pioneers and innovators of the industry
banded together to forge an alliance that dared to bring technology to a level that can directly
and beneficially impact those that matters most – the Customer. The healthy mix of business savvy,
years of experience and drive for innovation make ITC a veritable David in a field of Goliaths
in the technology market. Time and again, ITC has proven that competence, integrity,
reliability and most of all, genuine desire to help clients achieve their business goals
is the hallmark and the legacy by which it shall be known in the industry.

Companies are faced with two option – be driver of change or be a slave to change. Companies are already
charting the course of change with aggressive long-range marketing and business plans, and the many new
initiatives they undertake through diverse yet complementing business units. Loyal reliable
customer relationships, improved profitability, optimal network, ROI, improving customer
yield are all ingredients withinthe competitive edge that a company needs to grow.

ITC does not come to the table just as vendors or suppliers but as partners who share our client’s vision of
taking their products and services to level of performance and quality comparable to the best in the global
financial industry. Change – innovative, dynamic, and bold – drives the vision and passion of our customers to
excel. We believe that our solutions can help them gain an edge in these highly competitive markets.
We areconfident that as partners, we can bring in our expertise and experience to
complement their vision and passion towards this transformation. In the end, they are
those who have the visionto be the driver of changewho will lead the sustainable business.