E Software Distribution and Management System

A web based solution designed to automate the push and pull of files between the Self Service Terminals (SST) and the centralized servers. The retrieval of Electronic Journal (EJ) files, camera files, etc. from the SSTs and file updates like promotional/advertisement screens, patches and fixes file, campaign files, currency templates, etc. to the SSTs made very simple. It supports multiple platforms i.e. OS/2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux.

Product Highlights
  • Deployed in more than 80,000 SSTs
  • Platform independent (OS/2, Windows & Linux)
  • Muti-Vendor Support
  • Support Multi-Organization / Country
  • Self-healing capability for jobs
  • Easy installation and training Security
  • Http and Https Support
  • SSL communication between Server and SSTs
  • File transfer through SSH
  • Checksum verification for data integrity
  • Custom encryption key definition for EJ file
  • Access control down to SST level

Features and Functions
  • Content Management
  • Campaign / Advert screens, patches, currency templates, anti-virus updates and etc.
  • Time based campaign with expiry
  • File Upload
  • Ad-hoc, daily EJ files, camera image file and log files
  • Live EJ content / camera image streaming (optional)
  • File Transfer / Archival to multi servers
  • Directory browsing of SSTs and upload multiple files from your desk
  • Bandwidth throttling-software based for individual SST
  • Hardware error translator

  • SST Engineers can upload EJ, Camera Images and log files from their door step
  • Auto sync in reports if the engineer uploads the files
  • Automatic report delivery mechanism
  • Automatic email notification for failed jobs
  • Automatic agent update capability
  • Ability to pause, resume, retry and prioritize the jobs
  • Remote command execution and output retrieval of SSTs from your desk
  • Remote screen capture of SSTs
  • Tabbed email capabilities