Multi-Vendor ATM Application


In case of using vendor-dependent ATMC, it is difficult to make new types of devices go online in a short term, due to difficulties of connecting   new devices to your host system, maintain different vendors’ devices and hard to extend innovative business in the feature. eCAT is a flexible multi-vendor software platform for self- service terminals. With abundant and full – scale graphical development tools, it is fast and easy to be installed and integrated across multi- channel terminals. eCAT reduces cost and risk for your new services and reacts to your customer expectation in a faster way on both current and future facilities.

Support ATM, CDM, CRS, STM, VTM, cash sorting machine monitoring.

Support modules monitoring (PIN Pad, journal printer, receipt printer, card reader, dispense module and barcode etc.)

Support multiple middleware (WebSphere, Tomcat and JBoss etc.)
Support multiple DB (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL and DB2 etc.)

Cassette Volume monitoring and Cash Replenishment report

1,000+ physical error codes identification to malfunction analysis

Customized message notification (voice, video and text)

eCAT has been successfully deployed by more than 120 customers worldwide and monitoring more than 25,000 terminals.


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