At ITC, we believe that our clients should have the power to engage with their customers as dynamically as possible. In an effort to help them “go digital”, we have established an enterprise team that primarily focuses on visual displays & interactive signage solutions.

Aside from offering the latest display solutions from major brands such as Samsung & LG, we also have our own interactive kiosks to address our clients’ everchanging needs. They come with either Windows or Android OS already installed so there is almost no setup required for the end-user. Anyone can run the latest programs on these devices the moment they are switched on. Our smallest displays, measuring 21.5” and running on an i5 or can be used just like any other computer for basic stuff such as browsing the internet, listening to music, watching videos on youtube and whatnot, but of course, our products can offer much more.

Our kiosks by default support 1080p HD, Multi-touch (6 points), have wide viewing angles and are all wifi-capable. We can support higher resolutions such as 4k, include stronger graphics cards and processors for more intensive applications. These kiosks can either be on portrait or landscape. The casings are of aluminum alloy with 4-5 mm tempered glass for additional protection.

Some of these kiosks have been used as photobooth for events, wayfinding for malls and hospitals to allow people to know where they are and where they want to go, with some more visual content such as advertisements conveniently placed on the edges of the screen to attract potential customers.

Our in-house team specializes in working with our clients to offer customized solutions using these kiosks. As our major clients are from financial institutions, we plan to utilize these devices for ordering solutions and payment systems in the near future.







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